Ok, where should I start??

My name is Gabriel Govea "Gabo" The Mexican, I was born in Mexico City where I started tattooing 17 years ago.

At that time it was really hard to learn how to do tattoos without internet,magazines, professional tattoo equipment and no informations. Tattooing was also kind of illegal these days.

The people looked at me like I was a delinquent, the ladies crossed the street when they saw me and the police stopped me all the time because they thought I broke out of jail. But now everything has changed, now they show respect and they see in me an artist. 

Next to the tattooing I also did:
- a magazine called " tattos & piercings" for 5 years
- for 3 years a TV  program where I was tattooing famous people every week
- many interviews for the TV and Radio
- I opened a tattoo studio "The Gallery Tattoo" in one of the most touristy areas in Mexico City with more than 8 artist
- I did some speeches for universities and schools
- working with kids for theater scenes
- I did some art exhibitions in different countries
- at the moment I'm working together with "Aprproved Line" on a new skateboard

After traveling all over the world for 10 years, I finally found a nice place in Switzerland called Thun, where I live, got married and opened my own shop: "El mexicano tattoo studio & art gallery"

Thank you all for your time and hope to see you soon at my place.

Love & Respect..........

Gabo El Mexicano

Marktgasse 2
3600 Thun
Tel: +41 (0)33 221 11 40

facebook.com/gabriel govea

Gabo, El Mexicano. Tattoo-Künstler und Designer

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